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Recording the refugee crisis from the ground in words and pictures

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Dan EvansGreece/ Macedonia border
Recording the refugee crisis from the ground in words and pictures
It's a modern Greek tragedy; 12,000 refugees trapped between nations. And you can give them a voice.

The Greek/ Macedonian border has become the stage for one of the great humanitarian crises of our age. Some 12,000 people, many families with young children, are locked in limbo in squalid camp conditions as they seek refuge from bombs and persecution in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in our strife-torn world.

And more - many more - are coming.

Yet the once-porous border that gave access to Europe's havens of safety has slammed shut - the knock-on effect of similar closures in neighbouring states, beginning with Austria.

Working with photographer Kit Oates, I will be at the Greek/ Macedonian border, producing two separate projects over a four-day period.

1: An in-depth, immersive, view-from-the-ground longer-form (circa 2,000 word) words and pictures feature about the experiences of refugees at the Idomeni camp, following as necessary to the new camps set up by the Greek Government, witnessing events through the refugees' eyes, recording their stories of survival, despair and hope.

2: A photo-led feature whereby we take portraits of refugees against a neutral white cloth backdrop, shifting the context away from the grinding hell of the camp(s), and allowing us to focus on the individuals, with the human stories their faces tell, backed up with short accompanying pen portraits. 

We need your support to get out there and tell these stories - please, if you're able to, donate what you can and make sure this human tragedy does not go unseen.

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Robert Berkeley

3 years ago

I can't believe that you won't get the support you need to do this essential work. We all need to know the unvarnished truth.

Dan Evans

3 years ago

Robert, thank you for the show of faith. Very best wishes. Dan.