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The Truth About Owen Smith

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The Truth About Owen Smith
THE LABOUR challenger came from nowhere to challenge Jeremy Corbyn. Why is nobody asking how?

THE BATTLE for the heart and soul of the Labour Party is well underway.

But the British media are overwhelmingly hostile to Jeremy Corbyn — and bending over backwards to help challenger Owen Smith.

They're doing this partly by turning a blind eye to the threadbare CV Owen Smith has provided. 

Ever since he became the sole candidate against Jeremy Corbyn, Press Gang has been examining his background.

Owen Smith denies that patronage and nepotism played any part in his rise to prominence. 

But Press Gang has already presented evidence which questions these denials.

In Owen Smith: Forged by Patronage and Nepotism? it shows Smith pushing away from suggestions that he was born with the Labour equivalent of a silver spoon in his mouth.

A second article — examining some of his claims about his work as a lobbyist for Pfizer — will be published tomorrow morning.

It's called "A Man For All Seasons".

This is vital work if the debate between Corbyn and Smith is to be a fair one.

Press Gang is devoting as much time and energy as possible to doing so.

In the next stage of our inquiry we'll be looking more carefully at his work as a "Big Pharma" lobbyist for Pfizer — and whether he ever belonged to a trade union.

But with more resources, we can do a great deal more digging — and we can do it quicker.

With voting on September 21, this campaign can only be short-lived.

We're giving it a 14 day deadline.

The initial target is £1,000 but the more you give us, the more we can do.

#Real investigative journalism ...

Risks and Challenges

The risk is that a lack of funding will mean that the Press Gang investigation is not as detailed as it might be.