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Russian Embassy Trolls UK Press With Big Bears.

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Russian Embassy Trolls UK Press With Big Bears.
This Saturday afternoon, the Russian Embassy in London has been caught trolling The Economist and The Financial Times with two tweets directed at their pro-EU stance.

On various occasions, Russian bombers have recently been flying close to the UK and European airspace (which is said to be an inconvenience and a danger to civilian planes because the pilots refuse to identify themselves). Then last week a Russian ship, the Admiral Kuznetsov, even cruised through the English Channel in a move seen as ‘provocative’and a ‘show of strength’, whilst Britain looked ‘weak’.

A spokesman for the British Prime minister said: “I would reject suggestions that the Russians feel we’re too weak. Clearly we are not weak at all.” He made his point clear, having ‘clearly’ nothing to say to deny that the Russians are having the last laugh.

And the Russian keep laughing, out loud this time.

In a first tweet posted by the Russian Embassy in London, a strong Russian bear with a rocket in the background (Although the Russian rockets all fly from Baikonur, Kazakhstan… not Russia!) faces some tiny angry EU piggy banks with a LGBT flag in the background (Why?). The tweet reads: “If Russia is in decline, why worry? Maybe, real worry is West’s decline and that we manage things better?”

Then a second tweet, posted four minutes later, shows the same Russian Bear entering a room where two armed terrorists threaten the world whilst Angela Merkel and Uncle Sam are seen in another room discussing the situation in Syria. The tweet reads: “Power and control at the heart of the West international policy. Russia intervened in Syria to save the day for all, when nobody else could face terrorists down.”

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