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Untold: the Daniel Morgan Murder - Series Two

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Untold: the Daniel Morgan Murder - Series Two
Support Season 2 of the Daniel Morgan Murder for deeper investigations into a 30 year scandal

Thanks to your support for Season 1 of Untold Murder, the scandal of Daniel Morgan's assassination and complicity and coverup by press and police has reached a much larger audience. Season 1 has already had 3.5  million downloads.  

But there is much more to investigate in Season 2 now the essential timeline of the Morgan family's story has been established 

Important New Updates

Season 2 will commence after the report of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel, due to be published by the end of the year.  So our main focus will be

1.  Analysis and discussion of NEW EVIDENCE FROM THE PANEL PANEL REPORT about the most investigated murder in British history 

2. New evidence is also coming to light about the role of MAZHER MAHMOOD, the Fake Sheikh, convicted in October of perverting the course of justice. Contempt of court rules mean we could not discuss his vital role linking the murder suspects to senior police officers and News of the World senior management in the first series

3. More on the importance of the WAPPING DISPUTE (see video from the GMB Justice conference in 2014) where the close links between News International and the Metropolitan Police were established.

4. More on connection between the murder of Daniel and the STEPHEN LAWRENCE MURDER as key personnel in South London policing and allegations of corruption overlap.

5. Links between other revelations of CORRUPTION IN THE METROPOLITAN POLICE such as Operation Tiberius, Othona and other private investigators. 

Of course, we'll be following any other new revelations as they come in and responding to your queries whenever we can

Explanation of Funding

The first season Untold Murder took two of us virtually six months of work, with the additional costs of studio mastering, booking actors and equipment hire. The £10k should cover those latter costs and we hope to recoup some income to cover our loss of earnings through eventual sponsorship and limited advertising 

After costs are deducted, any profit from Untold Murder:: Season Two will be divided three ways between the two production companies and the Morgan family

Only behalf of myself, my co-producer Deeivya, and of coure Alastair and Kirsteen, thanks in advance for your support- moral and financial.  

As Shelley wrote after the Peterloo massacre nearly 200 years ago:

Rise, like lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number!

Shake your chains to earth like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you:

Ye are many—they are few!

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Risks and Challenges

Production will be determined by the release of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel report.