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Trump. The Tip of The Populist Iceberg?

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Trump. The Tip of The Populist Iceberg?
An exclusive series of articles reporting on ways populism has spread, or not, across the Americas.

He reached power through an election after the economy had collapsed. Whilst the mainstream political parties couldn’t handle the terrible consequences of the financial crisis, he offered angry people convenient scapegoats, pledged to restore law and order in the country and also promised he would restore the country's former greatness and glory. The frustration was growing and people were so desperate for solutions and for hope that they decided to turn to him.

Donald Trump, 2016?


Adolf Hitler, 1929.

The same ideologies, the same methods, the same speeches, the same solutions are spreading again.

Tongues are now loose and it suddenly seems all right for populist and nationalist politicians across America to use a once muted and underground far-right extremist and xenophobe language in the media, in political rallies and in election campaigns.

It now seems perfectly acceptable and even mainstream for them to poison the airwaves with their vile and racist language, to create fake news.

Didn’t Donald Trump become the international symbol of the racist alt-right movement during his campaign in 2016, before he became President-elect of the United States? Was it not intended? Too late to be sorry now.

Was Trump only the tip of the populist iceberg? Are there any other underlying reasons why the populist vote is trending in the United States, whilst Latin America is going the opposite direction and turning its back to populism? More generally, what makes people vote for populist politicians such as Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump? What makes them serious contenders compared to other mainstream politicians?

For the last few decades or so, in many countries across the globe, people have been tempted by the populist vote with promises of more democracy, less corruption, more transparency, more reforms, fewer elites, fewer experts and more power to the people (“Take back control” was the motto of the Leave campaigners during the British EU Referendum campaign, whilst “Make America great again” was Trump’s motto). But how has it actually materialised, so far?

We will here publish an exclusive series of articles reporting on the way populism has been spreading so far in the Americas in recent years, and try to find the facts that may illustrate whether the populist trend is still spreading or finally coming to a slowdown, even a halt.

We will report on populism in Latin and South America with countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela and extensively report on Donald Trump’s extreme and populist campaign during the 2016 US Presidential election that saw him defeat Hillary Clinton to head to the White House. We will explore the extent to which the Republican candidate’s win may change the politics and the geopolitics across the world. If not Brexit, is President Trump the tip of the populist iceberg?

The articles will constitute the basis for the second volume in the series of 4 books on populism in politics: "The Tip of The Populist Iceberg?". This second volume, "Populism in the Americas"will be released on 30 April 2017, just 100 days after Donald Trump's inauguration.

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#1 - His Inaugural Address Was National-Populist To The Core. (17.01.2017)

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"Tip of The Populist Iceberg" BOOKS SCHEDULE:

Volume 1 - Brexit. (Populism in Europe) [Already available!]

Volume 2 - Trump. (Populism in the Americas) [30 April 2017]

Volume 3 - Putin. (Populism in the World) [31 May 2017]

Volume 4 - (Populism in Britain) [23 June 2017]

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The first volume in the series, "Populism in Europe", is already available to pre-order in print, eBook and audiobook on Amazon worldwide.

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Risks and Challenges

The series of articles requires hours of research, sleepless nights and a lot of coffee! Political and geopolitical journalism requires honesty, integrity and fairness. Whilst the biggest news organisations have somehow ties to companies and governments around the world and sometimes dictate the news (if not the facts too!), it is YOUR pledge only that dictates the reporting and guarantees that the articles report facts in the least biased and the most independent way possible. The only challenge is to gather all the facts in time for the final release of the book and be as accurate as possible, especially in the current time when fact-checking is paramount to avoid fake news and when politics are changing on a daily basis.