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Lisbon Diaries

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Lisbon Diaries
A 72 hr diary of three days that shook the football world. My fly on the wall account.

Near the end of May 1967, I flew to Lisbon with my Celtic team mates and took up residence in Estoril ahead of the (up to then) most significant game of football involving a club from the UK.

My diary is a fly on the wall account of the 48 hours preceding the game against Internazionale at the Estadio Nacional, and the 24 hours in its wake.

I hope to continue to describe the incredible events in the ten days after the European Cup final of 1967,and the impact it all had, personally and professionally, for a dozen or so young men from Glasgow.

The account will catalogue experiences of me, my team mates, and some of the many thousands of fans who travelled (many for the first time abroad). It will cover the build-up and preparation for the game, and the return to Glasgow to meet the fans at our home ground, Celtic Park.

I expect to put the players (often different) perspective on things, to add some stories to the canon which has grown over the last fifty years, and to debunk some popular misconceptions.

It is a story which many may not know changed my life forever in ways they might not think, and certainly in ways they would guess.

In the run up to the 50th anniversary of that occasion, I will publish personal accounts of both legs of the European Cup semi final, and milestone events pertaining to the competition. 

All of my work on Byline is included in my wider project, which can be found at

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Risks and Challenges

The challenge is to collate material from my own diaries, and those of others, to make a coherent narrative. To get there I will identify and research the experiences of others to verify and enhance my own memories. I will also require to research the political, social and cultural backdrop of Glasgow in the 1960s and 1970s. No story is valid without contemporaneous context, and I will set the accounts within the political and social backgrounds prevalent in the UK, Scotland and Glasgow. I will depend largely on the cooperation of ex-team mates and Celtic fans who were at Lisbon in 1967.