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Hiding in Plain Sight: The Life and Crimes of Dr John Davies

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Hiding in Plain Sight: The Life and Crimes of Dr John Davies
John Davies: pimp & trafficker or a renowned academic philanthropist? Help fund this investigation.

Teflon John: The Man Who Hid In Plain Sight


This is the story of suspected baby trafficker, pimp, kidnapper, and major charity fraudster John Davies.

It is also the story of a world renowned academic, missionary, gold-hearted philanthropist, and expert in combatting trafficking in women and children.

Which of these two descriptions is true?

After an investigation lasting almost 20 years, Julie Bindel knows the answer. But will you believe her? Or might you prefer the version peddled by Davies and his supporters since the rumours began to circle back in the 1980s?

The intensive 18-month stage of this long-term investigation has been self-funded by Julie. She now needs to secure production costs to make a ten-part series.

The estimated cost per episode is approximately £500. The remaining funds will go to promotion and distribution in order to disseminate the story of John Davies far and wide. Julie is confident that on hearing the evidence against Davies, more victims and witnesses will come forward. 

Once the first two episodes are funded, the team will begin to produce them.

Once properly underway, with regular donations coming in, we aim to produce a 20 minute podcast on a regular basis, covering the ten major phases of the story.

Please help fund this vital investigation, where there will be attempts to silence Bindel's reporting and allow the podcast team to start producing.

You can watch a one minute video describing this project here:

Julie Bindel is a British journalist, researcher and feminist campaigner. She has written hundreds of articles published by The Guardian, The Independent, The New Statesmen and other news agencies in Britain and around the world.

She has appeared in countless television interviews and debates in defence of feminist perspectives of male violence, and is a co-founder of the law reform group Justice for Women

Bindel is sole author of the forthcoming book, ‘The pimping of prostitution – Abolishing the Sex Work Myth’ (Palgrave McMillan, 2017). 

Bindel has devoted her working and my non-working life to campaigning against male violence - going after the men who murder, stalk, abuse, terrorise and rape women and girls. Equally, she has exposed the structures, cultural, legal and political practises and ideas which lend themselves to the epidemic of male violence, particular the very idea that the bodies of women and girls are things to be bought, sold, acquired and taken in service of male power and privilege.

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Risks and Challenges

Davies has been protected at almost every level over the years by a number of individuals and organisations. There are those who have directly colluded with Davies, and those caught up, innocently, in his crimes. Some of the individuals who have profited from Davies' crimes are very rich and powerful people. There will be attempts to silence me. I have so much material - gathered over a number of years and from various countries, that I will have to make difficult choices about what to save for a rainy day, and what needs to be aired during this series.


Angela Smith

3 years ago

Julie, it would be preferable to donate in an easier fashion! But all the best for your work. Angela