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Who is Dr John Davies?

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Who is Dr John Davies?
A respected academic or dangerous criminal? You decide.

In 1999 I was attending a conference on trafficking of women into prostitution, and a couple of police officers from Europol pointed out a Brit named John Davies – a tall, ungainly man who was suspected of being a baby trafficker.

I became intrigued.

Using newspaper databases, and consulting contacts in the feminist activist/anti-trafficking world I made a shocking discovery.

Over the years, Davies had been expelled from several countries, arrested and charged on baby trafficking in Croatia, and investigated by the European commission fraud unit on suspicion of running a brothel in his sprawling farmhouse in Hungary with grant money supposedly for services for women in street prostitution. 

In 2009 Davies was tried in a court in the UK charged with the rape and sexual assault of a six and eight-year-old girl in the 1980s. His legal team spared no expense, flying in two eminent experts from South Africa to give medical evidence in support of Davies claim that the sexual assault and rape had never taken place.

A character witness traveled from New Zealand to say what a decent man Davies was, and a man claiming to be a reverend flew in from the US claim that the defendant was a good Christian.

Davies was acquitted. Police officers in the UK continued their investigation into Davies' 'charity' work.

Shortly after the trial, Davies was awarded his PhD from Sussex University.  Off the back of this academic endorsement, Davies travelled the world, being hailed as a migration expert, nailing lucrative contracts and speaking gigs.

In May 2016 he, along with his son and the brother of his former lover, were convicted of major charity fraud. Davies was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

It was the moment I had been waiting for. With Davies safely in prison I travelled to Hungary, South Africa, New Zealand and the US looking for evidence that would reveal the proof of Davies numerous and heinous crimes. What I discovered will astound you. 

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