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How far do Davies' criminal tentacles reach?

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Julie BindelLondon - Hungary - South Africa - New Zealand - Greece - France - Dubai - Bangladesh
How far do Davies' criminal tentacles reach?
John Davies has spent all of his adult life moving from country to continent committing serious crimes, abusing women and girls, and pulling the wool over hundreds of influential people's eyes. But who knew what Davies was really up to? More than you think.

John Davies was born in England, where he spent his youth. Davies worked at a children's hospital in his early 20s, and it was at this time he ingratiated himself into a family through a house-church in which he was involved. Davies was not a religious man, but mixing with Christian families, posing as a self-styled pastor, proved a blameless front for his activities.

In 2009, many years later, Davies found himself in a London court accused of the rape and indecent assault of two sisters aged (as they were early 1980’s) six and eight. By this time the re-invented Davies held a University of Sussex PhD and highly placed friends in countries all over the world. But he was still the same fraud, liar, and conman. Davies was found not guilty.

I am of the opinion a miscarriage of justice occurred involving a complex conspiracy masterminded by Davies. And I believe I can prove it: the plan, the players, and their motives. I have spent a small fortune travelling the world in the footsteps of Davies speaking to his associates and his victims, cultivating informants, gathering evidence, and verifying the facts.

During my self-funded investigation I visited Hungary (see Davies' farm in Balastya, pictured above). Here in the late 1980s Davies settled, posing as a Bible trafficker and a pious Christian whose “calling” was placing orphans into well-meaning British childless families. I discover proof that Davies was in fact trafficking babies, and pimping vulnerable women into prostitution, some of whom went missing and were later found dead.

Davies founded numerous fake charities and dodgy companies, supposedly to help impoverished women and children in the global South, but instead defrauding millions from the British taxpayer and generous donors. Under this guise he travelled to Bangladesh, Thailand, Dubai, and India, where he cultivated fellow criminals, made his huge fortune, and also used his cover as a respected academic expert in migration (or rather: trafficking for prostitution denialism) to further abuse the vulnerable.

In New Zealand Davies met an academic who would travel across the world to give character evidence on his behalf when he was accused of child rape and indecent assault. In South Africa Davies used his connection with one of the so-called 'experts' at his child abuse trial to migrate there and inveigle himself into the mass campaign to legalise the sex trade and enrich himself with the AIDS money the country was awash. My investigation here leads me to the highest level of government in South Africa and New Zealand.

Davies has tentacles around the globe. His crimes are numerous, and many of his criminal cohorts continue to deny and downplay their association with him. They do not know what I now know. Who for example is the British man from Massachusetts, USA, who appears as a character witness for Davies, wearing a dog collar, calling himself “the Reverend Doctor”, when he was neither a pastor nor an academic?

Help me reach my target in order to fund this 10-part podcast on the life and crimes of Dr John Davies, and you will hear things that you won't want to believe. My aim? To finally bring this man to the justice he has denied his numerous victims from all over the world.

#I investigate dangerous criminals that harm women and girls. Davies is one such criminal.



2 years ago

Hi Julie. Can I ask if there's a date for the podcast yet? Or has it already launched? Thanks, Andy