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The Trial of Craig Whyte Month 2

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The Trial of Craig Whyte Month 2
Funding the second month of trial reporting

The trial of Craig Whyte is moving into its second month with the Crown case nearing it's end and the defence set to present their evidence.

While the tweets and articles will always be free to read I do need to fund the coverage. If you are enjoying it and you can spare some money a donation would be greatly appreciated

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Risks and Challenges

Like any legal case the timetable is always Impossible to predict. Any unused funds will be kept for future projects


Tom Conniffe

10 months ago

Just donated James - thank you for superb coverage and insight. In the absence of scrutiny from the "established" media your work is vital. Thanks again.

Peter Klein

11 months ago

Love reading the updates every day James. Not a huge contribution but always glad to help out your crowd-fundings. You provide a great service to the public with your work and rarely get the credit for it you deserve. Cheers and look forward to more great tidbits to come from this trial!

Martin Welsh

11 months ago

Thanks for the great work. one question to byline any chance of getting paypal for payment?


11 months ago

Great reporting , Mr D. Also , I may have missed contribution if I had not read
Ralph's Diary. Yours, The Obsessed.


11 months ago

Donated again James, sorry can't be more but been made redundant few months ago. Keep up the good work. From a "dandy"

Laura Cletheroe

11 months ago

James, your coverage has been superb - thanks very much for doing so - we wouldn't be reading everything otherwise!