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10.05.2019Rebekah Brooks finally admits tasking private investigator to snoop… on her EastEnders actor ex Ross Kemp11.01.2019EXCLUSIVE: Mail on Sunday Axes Phone Hacker Tina Weaver After Byline Investigation10.01.2019EXCLUSIVE: Has Mail on Sunday Got Cold Feet Over Phone Hacking Chief Weaver?06.12.2018EXCLUSIVE: Mail on Sunday Gives Chief Phone Hacker Weaver Plum Job29.11.2018EXCLUSIVE: Leveson 2 Hacking Let Off For Ex Mirror Editor Richard Wallace 25.11.2018SUN HACKING: Paper Targeted F1 Ace Schumacher's Text Messages25.11.2018HACKING CASE: Sun Calls On Human Rights Over MP's Mobile Phone Mystery17.11.2018EXCLUSIVE: Sunday Mirror Editor Tina Weaver WAS hacking mastermind, says top judge15.10.2018HACKING CASE: Judge blasts "cheat" NGN defence doc as more pay offs buy James Murdoch breathing space09.10.2018HACKING CASE: In the Ross Hairs - Sun TV critic up for high court grilling over PI payment07.10.2018HACKING CASE: Key News Group Witness 'Did Not Tell Truth', Court Hears04.10.2018HACKING CASE: Friday 14th Files Show News Corp Cover Up, High Court Hears02.10.2018HACKING CASE: News International gave wrong Brooks hard-drive to hacking police, High Court hears01.10.2018HACKING CASE: Brooks bought unlawful phone data at The Sun, High Court hears27.09.2018Hacking made boxing legend Bruno 'paranoid', High Court hears15.08.2018EXCLUSIVE: Sunday Mirror Exec Was Accused Over 'Medical Records' 14.08.2018EXCLUSIVE trailer: John Ford - The Thief Of Fleet Street13.07.2018FAKING IT? Trump KO's interview with Sun political ed Newton Dunn12.07.2018EXPOSED!! Video: Murdoch's top Sunday tabloid hitman outs... himself 07.07.2018NAMED: 50 'Murdoch' journalists linked to 'unlawful' news-gathering, court hears29.06.2018Hinton in the Headlights - Video Special: Watch Byline Confront Murdoch's 'Teflon Exec' on Hacking, blagging, and Cover-Up18.06.2018John Ford in his own words: Leveson, lies, and me16.06.2018John Ford exclusive: "Did Murdoch use me to get Blair over Deng 'affair'?"25.05.2018Byline Investigates - Big News: Witherow 'misled' readers on Brown bank job24.05.2018Byline Big Read: Les Hinton, Murdoch's Teflon Executive20.05.2018Byline Investigates - Big News: the secret evidence Murdoch's no. 2 Hinton knew about phone hacking13.05.2018Byline Investigates - Big News: new phone hacking evidence names acquitted Murdoch editor Wallis10.04.2018Judge slaps down Mirror bid to hide hacking data22.12.2017The Sun’s Former Top Lawyer Jon Chapman Allegedly Committed an ‘Illegal’ Act By Deleting Millions of Emails27.11.2017Re-hiring Rebekah Brooks Is Bad News For Sky Bid - Ed Miliband28.10.2017Mirror Group: Directors and Lawyers Forced To Defend Cover Up Claims19.10.2017Mirror Group: 'Phone Hacking Cover Up Went To Top Of Company', Court Hears19.10.2017Murdoch Paper's Hacking Tutorial 'Hidden in Smoking Email', Claims17.10.2017Top Sun Man 'Hid Evidence Of Cash Transactions', Court Hears13.10.2017Murdoch's Top Political Hitman 'Outed' MP With Stolen Phone Records, Court Hears12.10.2017High Court Hacking Trial - News UK 'Lied, Destroyed, Concealed, Evidence'11.10.2017Sun Editors Examined Over Private Investigators 07.10.2017Justice Delayed - How Met. Sat On New Murdoch Hack Scandal For SEVEN Years07.10.2017Trojan SpyWare Scandal Should Put Sky Bid in Mur-dock, Calls06.10.2017Murdoch Paper Betrayed Heroes of War on Dissident Terror06.10.2017Computer Hack Sensation - Murdoch Paper Compromised British Army Intelligence Corps29.09.2017Byline Investigates: Murdoch, Immorality, and the Great Sky Smash and Grab22.09.2017Byline Investigates: Murdoch, Mobsters and News America Marketing21.09.2017Byline Investigates: Murdoch, Monopoly & the Floorgraphics Scandal 20.09.2017Byline Investigates: Murdoch, Computer Hacking and the F.B.I.