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Andy Coulson Perjury Trial Coverage

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Andy Coulson Perjury Trial Coverage
Accurate, comprehensive reporting of the perjury trial of the PM's former Director of Communications

A year before the News of the World phone-hacking scandal exploded in 2011 with the news that the paper's employees had intercepted the messages of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, the paper's former editor Andy Coulson was called as a witness at Glasgow High Court at the trial of Scottish politicial Tommy Sheridan. During his testimony Coulson, who was then working for Prime Minister David Cameron, denied any knowlege of phone-hacking while he was editing the now-defunct tabloid. However after new information emerged Coulson was arrested by Scottish police and now faces charges of lying to a jury, which could lead to a prison sentence. 

The trial will not be simply a re-run of the marathon London case - new evidence and new witnesses are expected to shine further light on one of the biggest scandals in British newspaper history. While the case will be covered by the press, we intend to provide the most detailed and accurate reporting possible with twice-daily summaries of evidence and live reporting of key developments from court. If you are interested in newspapers, politics or just the drama of a high profile court case, Byline will be the place to find it. 

James Doleman is seeking £500 pounds per week to provide full coverage of the trial. The trial should take between 4-6 weeks, so it will cost a minimum of £2000. He will be filing two detailed reports per day and live-Tweeting as well, so backers will really be getting their money's worth.

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Nothing will stop this work getting done!


Seung Yoon Lee

4 years ago

Hello, this is Seung-yoon Lee, CEO and founder of Byline. I would like to thank all the funders who made this possible. Please be reminded that you can still continue to fund James. He can come up with an updated target and will be able to deliver more.

Daniel Tudor

4 years ago

Hi Malcolm, I'm one of the founders of Byline - we can't really talk about that here, but I noticed you funded the project; this means you can write on James' activity feed and ask him directly