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We'll Come United

Mara Scampoli and Mattia Alunni Cardinali photo
Mara Scampoli and Mattia Alunni CardinaliAthens, Greece.
We'll Come United
Eight people, eight stories, eight objects. A short photographic project which aims to depict a cross section of City Plaza, and the lives and stories of its residents.

The Refugees Accommodation and Solidarity Space City Plaza” is a squatted hotel placed in Athens city centre. Since last year it has become a house and a family for hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers coming from the Middle-East and Africa's war-torn areas.

Since its opening in April 2016, more than 1500 people have been living in the building, especially families and young people, which have been forced to leave their houses and towns in their homeland.

In City Plaza they have found a safe and decent place to spend this period of time suspended between uncertainty and the hope to finally find a place where to resume their normal life.

This work is the outcome of the meeting between us and City Plaza's residents, who accepted our proposal to give a face and a voice to the people that share with them their same condition.

In order to make this project, we asked them to share with us their story and to show us something, an object, important to them and representative of their experience.

We'll Come United” is an international anti-racist initiative promoted by several social and political networks, of which City Plaza is also part of. Its meaning is clear, however the slogan can also be read as “welcome united”, meaning "everyone is welcome".

August 2017

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