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03.07.2019Private Investigator Steve Whittamore speaks out about the mobile phone data that he illegally obtained for Rebekah Brooks01.07.2019Through the looking glass: Huge numbers of emails related to allegations of phone hacking have gone missing – without explanation, court hears.29.06.2019Mystery surrounds ‘phone hacking’ legal advice given by Mirror Lawyer Marcus Partington - SEVEN years before truth came out18.06.2019The Mirror’s top brass are under threat – from a long-forgotten row with a former employee14.06.2019Sunday Mirror’s PalmPilots ‘were instruments of unlawful information gathering,’ Court Told 13.06.2019Former Mirror executive Nick Buckley is named 22 times for allegations of phone hacking in court document11.06.2019Hells Angel ‘blagger’ paid cash by Rebekah Brooks' private investigator who spied on TV lover10.06.2019Ex-Mirror board member Paul Vickers allegedly knew about phone hacking, state Court Documents.04.06.2019How The Mirror newspaper tried - and failed - to stop its top lawyer from being named in court24.05.2019Ex-Mirror Newspaper Boss Nick Buckley at 'centre of unlawful activities', Court Hears.24.05.2019Daily Mirror’s top lawyer Marcus Partington ‘was aware’ of phone hacking, court hears – but he has denied the allegation.20.05.2019The Editor of The Times John Witherow faced cross-examination over alleged transgender bias in his paper’s stories and in the workplace - But he denies discrimination whilst admitting that some articles were flawed20.05.2019The Editor of The Newspaper of Record Admits that ‘some words’ published in The Times are ‘Bound to be Inaccurate’ – But Denies Transgender Discrimination in Newsroom and Stories11.04.2019Michael Jackson’s Unlawfully Obtained Medical Info Sent to Sun on Sunday Editor Victoria Newton, Court Told 02.04.2019Ex-Coronation Street Stars O’Brien and Thomas Receive Compensation Over Murdoch Paper Phone Hacks05.03.2019Mail on Sunday Journalists Accused of Burgling House and Bribing Witnesses, High Court Hears 25.02.2019The 37 Emails That Allegedly Evidenced Widespread Phone Hacking at The News of The World – And Cost Rupert Murdoch’s Business Hundreds of Millions of Pounds21.02.2019Timeline of a Cover-Up: Blow-by-Blow Account of Allegations that Murdoch’s Papers Destroyed Incriminating Evidence20.02.2019High Court Exclusive: Top Murdoch Lawyer Knew Of Widespread Phone Hacking EIGHT DAYS Earlier Than Previously Admitted.04.05.2018Byline Investigates - The Sun: 'Key players allegedly paid for 7/7 victim and dead infant's medical reports'04.05.2018Byline Investigates - The Sun: Brooks accused in new cash for medical blags claims 28.02.2018Reluctant Murdochs ordered to address Cover up Claims in court - Brooks implicated by the Defence05.02.2018Byline Investigates Murdoch: Sun Phone Hacking - £30 million in legal costs alone, estimates paper's lawyer