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UNTOLD: In the Belly of the Beast

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UNTOLD: In the Belly of the Beast
Series Three of Untold will follow the extraordinary story of a new Wapping Whistleblower

In the mid 1990s, an out of work actor, writer and comedian was approached to work for a private investigations firm in South London.

It was during the era that Southern Investigations and the suspects in the Daniel Morgan murder were pioneering the dark arts of press intrusion

Over the next 15 years, John Ford had an extraordinary career working for the Insight team and news desk at the Sunday Times

He went to Christmas parties at the prestigious newspaper; was described as 'John the Journalist', and was proud and excited by his weekly involvement in many of the big stories of the time, especially scandals involving the Blair government.

John became a vital resource for Rupert Murdoch. 

He believed he was on the side of the angels, pursuing the public interest, and his activities involved hacking, impersonation, fraud, deception and data theft. 

Now, having been arrested, cautioned, fallen into unemployment and despair at what he'd done, John is ready to tell his story - an extraordinary, sometimes amusing, and often terrifying account of what it was like to be a foot soldier at the sharp end of psychological warfare and black ops. 

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Risks and Challenges

As always with Untold Podcasts, the legal and narrative risks are extreme.